I was deep in the Jungle the last months, listening, producing, playing,… Now i took some time to enjoy some different vibes again and lordy it made me feel good.

My man DJ Sabo, from Los Angeles, will release the “Summer Sol 2 Compilation” on his label Sol Selectas very soon.
Slow four to the floor beats with so much latin soul that you get warm from the inside even if you wake up in Alaska. One of my favorite DJ´s, very glad that i met him on Fusion and in DC. Props every time!

Another big selecta i like very much is 2Melo. Check this two hours long mix of brillant world music.

When it comes to the mix between slow, minimal Techno and Cumbia – Scooby Dub is the man. He knows how to let things flow. Greetings!

Trough These Eyes is a record label from Berlin. The owner Robyn would be called a influencer by the young generation, i just call him a good buddy with an excellent taste and the balls to do his own thing.
He started his label last summer, now you can hear and buy #003 (only 300 12″ Vinyl Hand stamped copies). A deep journey trough Footwork, Drum and Bass, Halfstep, Dub,… Big!


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