I love music. I love dancing. I love freedom.

It´s getting cold where i am living, so i need a lot of hot music to keep my braincells jumping. Here´s a selection of boiling international music to open your horizon and have some fun. Enjoy the trip!

Mas Tropical. Baile!

I am traveling to Colombia soon. So excited… Here´s a mix of 70´s Colombian music selected by Little Dynasty for Afropop Worldwide.

Awa Poulo “Djulau” from the album “Poulo Warali”, out January 20, 2017 on Awesome Tapes From Africa.

A long time before i met DJ Sabo to play with him in U Hall in Washington DC four years ago i loved his music. And it didn´t stop. Gwaaaan!

Let us go further with more modern Shaman music, this tune is by the dancing Darwisch Clap clap.

Daniel Haaksmann did a Edit of Francis Bebey´s “Sunny Cypt”.

What a nice Mix to spend some time under Palm Tree´s by Addison Groove!

Take care of the coconuts falling down!

Wherever you are: Open your mind, stay warm and dance until you smile. I wish you all a very colorful and healthy new year!

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