These are my 25 favorite tunes and mixes out of 50 Bonanzas. Timeless material from all corners of the globe.

Let´s start with some chilled music from a good friend. Jazzy zyrup vibez.

I love this easy feeling 2-Step groove with shifted vocals and a deep bassline by Daniil Vavilov.

Get your dress on and dive in. FaltyDL “Straight & Arrow” (Four Tet Remix).

The original by Martina Camargo is a great hit. 2Melo & Atropolis made it playable for the clubs. I am playing it very, very often!

This should be just one example for the special music that Addison Groove is producing. BTW: R.I.P. 50 Weapons.

The same goes for an absolute outstanding musician: Aphex Twin.

The Clerk ft. Milangeles with a drop that is too funny. If you can´t dance and smile to this kill yourself.

Ciao my friends!

Sing along!

One of the greatest artists that gave Cumbia a new direction and made many people outside of Southamerica listen to this sweet music are Dengue Dengue Dengue.

It was hard to choose only two tunes of their selection that i posted in the Bonanzas. Be prepared for their upcoming Album!

Big Up Fania Records, Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe and Nguzunguzu every time. Bringing the old together with the new.

Ah yeeeeh!

It was also hard to choose only one tune from the almighty Enchufada Records output. Keep on pushing things forward and teach the people!

Jstjr is also a must!

These horns…

Sam Binga with a Slow & Fast anthem!

I Dont Usually Like MC’s But!

And now something completely different… Rapper´s Delight mashed up with Palov´s “That´s all folks” by Lebrosk. Ghetto Swing!

Daniel Haaksman is also a regular in our Bonanza. Check his tunes, label and radioshow.

My man Rio Mandeira stopped producing under this alias. You can find his new, more Techno influenced songs, on the same page with a new name: Turnier.

The global bass family sounds huge, but it is still a village. Shouts to my Symbiz brothers, who grew up in the same city like me. Tons of good memories – gwaaaan!

Dazed Dog… follow the smoke.

You should have heard his name because we post nearly everything by Clap! Clap!. This is his “Africa in Your Earbuds” Mix. Visit Black Acre to find all of his stuff!

Ninja Tune is a label that inspired me very much during the late 90´s. Chapeau!


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