Many new tunes from all edges of the style continents. Let me start with some slow vibes. Just been at the other side of the globe and met a friend in Cambodia without knowing that he was there. His music is like… Purple Jazz Hop? Anyway i love it!

Just wrote the word Jazz…listen to this!

From Brazil to England to the world – one of the real masters of Ambient music is still Amon Tobin.

Roots Manuva made me discover Hip Hop, and i still can´t stand the, mostly American, Radio Hip Hop world. He is going a step further again with Facety 2:1 produced by Four Tet.

Hypnotic doom – i saw Sbtrkt live in New York – hooked since then.

And some Drum and Bass in the end, because it is the dance music i love most from beginning to the end. Portugese Buraka Som Sistema member Riot with his second DnB tune i know. Big again!

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