I hated the electric guitar twenty years ago and now i can´t stand most laser bleeps and Ravesynths. This Sound Bonanza is more into some different music.

I just heard some strange and confusing sound in progress by svmus7211. After playing it twice i smiled… i did not dance or felt spaced away, i smiled for a long time – good one! I am excited.

Herr Vahl´s music is mostly deep and sometimes disturbing. I like his sounddesign very much. Check also the related artwork.

Jet Airess tied me down with her extraterrestrial Borneo Bass. I don´t know what exact is catching me here. Like the two songs before, it is touching me very deep and on the other hand i find it really strange.

Meanwhile i can hear some guitars for example Cumbia guitars like this one, played for the new song of Bomba Estéreo.

Dirty Dazed Dog with more tropical weirdness: Snakes & Salsa!

Dengue Dengue Dengue did a Mix for Thump. Psychedelic, modern Cumbia and experimental music.

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