Lots of freaky music the last years – barriers are breaking down. I hope the same for all barriers inside and outside of our heads.

If you want to ride trough the dessert, take this song with you.

Don´t Worry Eat Burek!

Listen to this supersexy Zouk track by KJ released for free on Enchufada.

Zouk is getting more and more popular. I love to mix it with Cumbia and Twerk and then go to Moombah and then… Two fresh beats for the primetime by Sandwich Island Bass and a Major Lazer Remix of Bonde do Rolê´s “Brazilian Boys” feat. Ce’Cile (bet you won´t recognize her).

“When you listen to Pusanga, it begins to penetrate your spirit, and the spirit is what gives you the force to shake your bumpa.” Dazed Dog and Rio Mandeira teamed up for an insane EP that will be released 2014. Check “Pusanga” – free preview track on what´s coming next year!

rObyn has the perfect Mix to prepare yourself for the cold days. Deep atmospheric stuff, mellow Jungle-Juke – quality selection!

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