War, Nuclear Weapons, Poverty, Money Monopoly, Tropical Deforestation, Climate Change, Overfishing, Public Monitoring, Corrupt Elite, …the world gone mad? Humans are, but since the beginning. Just the the techniques changed. The same in music: The techniques changed, but in a positive way. People from everywhere dance together to colorful music that combines nearly every style and tradition mixed with the latest digital instruments. Listen to the latest nuggets.

Let´s start with some nice and easy vibes by Kid Drama. This tune is part of the “In Mind” EP out on Exit Records.

Do you all know Peshay? Well you should! I loved his releases on labels like Good Looking, Mo Wax and Metalheadz. They have been very soulful, funky and timeless. Now he´s back with some pure Soul music. Watch out for his EP and Album out on Tru Thoughts in November 2013.

Funky Juke for your feets!

Let´s get more wired and fusionwise with Los Guarachoguers “Hay Que Calor!” (Dash Slktr & Elbarba RMX)- BIIIG UP!

Zouk Bass is getting more and more popular. Jstjr produced a wicked tune to let loose.

There´s a lot of heavy dancefloor music coming out between 90-110 bpm the last month. No it´s from 60-200 – and i love it! I should just shut up and watch you Twerk Twerk Twerk Twrk.

YEAH – Shut the fuck up you cunt!

And for a peaceful end, because that´s want we all want a smooth and bouncing Mix for your hips and hops. Ghetto Funk meets Swing meets you!

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