Skream quits Dubstep… long time. Here we go with some fresh tunes!

Check this Future Dancehall Trap “CHEEKY SNEAK PEAK VERSION 3” of “Brother”. I always love FERALisKINKY´s vocals. I think i heard the first version seven month ago… it was Dubstep.

Some more Future Dancehall by Toddla T. Vocals by Gappy Ranks. Salute!

Mampi Swift is a legend when it comes to Drum and Bass – btw. he´s still doing it…much better than the last years: This tune is the shit!!!

A wicked Filthstep burnerclip by Dubamine – check the complete “Bust´em EP” on Ganjaology. Skream won´t play it.

I don´t like the titel, but the track is a smasher on every floor: Lazer, Lighter and free the universe. Free download.

A older song that never came out until now by one of the fathers of Reggaeton El General in a Moombah remix by ETC!ETC!. Free download.

I already posted this one – but it´s so nice i have to post it twice.

This new Plastician Rinse FM Podcast (24.05.13) is damn great!!! The second hour is by Major Lazer – you know i like Major Lazer, but Plastician killed it… i couldn´t listen to the second half.

Dubstep, Trap, Rap? I have to tell you: Listen to this DAD Mix by my brothers The M|NE.

BTW: I like Skream for what he did – if you checked his work the last year you´ll know that he´s going to play more Disco and Funk stuff like this…hmmmm.

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