Dj Sliink outta New Jersey with his perfect trapish Remix of Frank Ocean’s Song “Pyramids”. „Big sun coming strong through the motel blinds, wake up to your girl for now, let’s call her Cleopatra“

One of the biggest Drum’n’Bass Anthems gets his 2012 Remix treatment. Dom & Roland released this piece of art on Moving Shadow in the year 1999 and with his outstanding vocal sample and synthie lines it was one of the most played records for a long time. This is a heavy downtempo Remix made by Metaphase from Los Angeles: “Saw the original in my DnB vinyl collection the other day and said……this needs to be run thru the fuckin trap….why the fuck not? So here it is.”

Don Midass are Marcus Norrild and Emil Møller – the danish 808 Mafia! And this describes exactly how they sound! Simple but powerful 808 sounds plus one catchy vocal sample. Very effective Trapstyle fom the North.

This is Electro like you don’t hear it often. A Wall of Sound is coming at you – but everything, even the smallest parts and sounds are more than 100% on point, all Levels on maximum. This is a track like Lightning & Thunder. “Hard and uncompromising like Winter in Siberia, nasty, raw and brutal like the Streets – this is Cravinoff.”

Our Companero Loco JWLS from Miami is very productive these days – good for us! After putting some fire on the “Munchi x DJ Nappy x Trap-a-holics Trap Bubbling Mixtape”, here comes a Moombah Banger full of Syrup and Trap Breaks plus a hypnotizing acid line for the heart of every Moombahtonista! “Dem Bow All Day!”

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