“Organiser” is probably one of the most played tunes in my playlist. And I dare to predict, that this will claim validity for the great and fresh Foreign Concept remix either. bum bum bum chack chack chack! Out on Critical.

“I Dont Usually Like MC´s But…” from our favorite Drum & Bass MC DRS finally comes out on Monday on Soul:R. To shorten the wait and increase the anticipation, Intalex provide the sneak preview – even now it isn´t sneak anymore.

Just found this amazing piece of House music and began to do this kind of office chair dancing. Out on Darkroom Dubs.

Triumphs “Discover” got a super awesome Jimmy Edgar remix-injection and we think it´s, indeed, super awesome. Wait for the sax!


Our man Dazed Dog did it again and built up one more piece of his neon colored bootybass stuff. But watch out: the Bootyjungle Version crosses the 170Bpm border. Free download!

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