The golden leaves are back the rain is back. It can only mean one thing! It’s autumn time for all you northern hemisphere heads and the drum and bass pipelines are running strong at the moment. Here’s some new bits for you to enjoy with yer ears.

First up is the latest banger from Lynx. Deep Deadly featuring Master X dropped back in August, but it’s still fresh as a daisy. It’s a real growler.

Moralz dropped a new EP on Free Love Digi. Cross Rhodes takes you on a journey through some snazzy tempos and some nice sound design.

Kusp has kept up the heat ahead of his debut album Arashi coming out on Lynx’s label Detail in November. Shook (“was a hit on Sun and Bass!” – the Redaktion) and Through the Rough ft Kemo showed another two dazzling facets to Kusp’s production. If the samplers are to be believed this album will be a real menagerie of styles.

Speaking of debut albums. London’s own Trex dropped a big one for Randall and MacII. High Time chronicles his production experiments going back through almost ten years that Trex spent honing his craft. A few heavyweight cuts for you on there.

Maltin Worf dropped a new double EP on Defrostatica. City of Meth parts one and two explore a whole host of hip hop, footwork and juke inspired bass cuts. Well worth sinking your teeth into with some delicious soundscapes and sunshine vibes to round off your beach times.

Anyone who has checked out the first two instalments of the Chilling On The Couch compilation series on Scientific Records will be delighted to see the third is landing in shops soon. Featuring productions from Bungle, Naibu, mSdoS and more. So sit down on the couch and check this one out.

Silent Dust have also been warming up for an album release with this terrific sampler featuring DRS and a Calibre Remix to boot. none60 Records and Silent Dust are well worth getting into if you’ve not checked them out before and the second album is out imminently.

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