New tracks for this June you lucky people. First up is a massive compilation of upcoming European production talent. There’s a ton of new names on there who have been quietly building their foundations for a while. A great snapshot of what’s happening if you’re on the hunt for new sounds.

German label, Defrostatica, hailing from Leipzig have been having a busy year so far. Their latest release is another compilation and is showcasing the best of Leipzig’s own homegrown talent producing all kinds of out there bass music inspired by juke, footwork, drum and bass, jungle and more. Again, plenty of new names for you to dig about online.

Quentin Hiatus has dropped his most recent piece of work. Volume 4 in his Long Player series. “I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus”. If you aren’t familia with his work, Hiatus is a lord of experimental producing. Consistently managing to surprise people from his outpost in Arizona.

Hybris recently founded his own label, intended as an outlet for his own weird and wonderful productions. However, less than one year in and he’s been so impressed by producer, MVRK, that he couldn’t help but sign up an EP of his tunes. Check them out here.

Silent Dust moving forcefully forward once more with a new single from Dissident. This one is a dark and heavy one. Not for having a picnic in the park.

Also this absolute banger from Calibre and DRS. They’ve done it again. . .

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