It’s 2018! It’s been 2018 for a little bit now, but now the year can officially begin now that the first drum and bass bonanza is here. I’ve been late to the party this month, because it’s taken me a few minutes to find some tunes and get into the swing of things, but i’m here now with a handful of beats from the back end of last year and the front end of this year.

First up is the last release of 2017 on Free Love Digi from Dutch producer, Nuaru. Free Love Digi are always championing the weird and wonderful and have a knack for finding tracks that don’t really fit inside the box. Check out this one.

none60 released a tremendous single in the first week of 2018 featuring a track from little known Lithuanian production collective, Corpus and a devastating remix of their track by none other than the don, Sinistarr. Loving both sides of this one.

Some roller action now from PRTCL on Trace’s label DSC14. The Your City EP is an ominous journey through six tracks of heavyweight drum and bass. DNB Dojo premiered the title track last month and it’s an absolute damager.

Whilst we’re on a deep and dark hype Detboi’s new EP on Metalheadz out on Jan 22nd features some gnarly beats that are well worth lending an ear too. Quick pick from me has to be the title track again, Ice Cold.

Finally to round things off this month two releases which aren’t strictly drum and bass. First up Dengue Dengue Dengue’s new single on Enchufada makes for some unusual listening thanks to its fusion of african and peruvian musical influences. Check it out.

Last up it’s a nod towards Skream’s recent Fabric mix which takes you on a journey through the house, disco and techno that he plays these days. It’s well worth a listen if you get a chance.

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