Into March and things are hotting up now. Ingredients Records released three 10 inch vinyls and a cassette mixtape by Dead Man’s chest last month. A release which acts as the final for the Dead Man’s Chest project. If you like the sounds of days gone by you’ll love this homage to tape packs and raves.

Bristol based label, AR Records got their latest vinyl into the record shops in February as well. It’s a big one with an A Side from Break and the flip coming from label owner, Exposure.

Free Love Digi released an EP from new project made up of Quentin Hiatus, Ghast and Thomas B going by the name of Onism QI.

Mad Zach the finger drumming controller lord has teamed up with Australia’s Plasma Audio for the first time and dropped the Fortress EP.

Translation Recordings have kicked off the year with an EP from Dyl, which in true translation style is a monster.

Manchester badman, Chimpo, has kicked off a new label this month as well. Box n Lock, which will feature his own productions paired with vocalists. The first one features Killa P.

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