August is done then! That’s your last bit of summer happening now. Make the most of it!

It’s been a laid back summer but I wouldn’t be surprised if a tidal wave of releases is heading for us now up until the end of the year. One early example of this could be Lenzman’s new remix of Manchester soul hip hop speed bangra duo, Children Of Zeus featuring Children of Zeus. This belter is coming out on Lenzman’s own new label The North Quarter. You can check out the video below.

I’m always keeping you up to date with Free Love Digi and they’ve dropped 2 releases since I last wrote some words. Both are below and are worth checking.

A-Sides is celebrating 25 years in the game with a new album which he’s bringing out in 5 parts leading upto christmas. Part one has been doing the rounds and is now out in the stores. Tokiado Revision is a belter.

Ink and Gremlinz have dropped some fire on Tempo Records the dutch label that quietly signs some great music.

Translation Recordings signed up a new act for their digital label in the form of Out Of Fuel all the way from Finland. They’ve brought a well crafted EP with some real drum and bass.

Last up this old one from Leaf Dog on High Focus Records.

And some new kids from Manchester.

That’s it for this month i’m back next month with some more stuff.

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