It’s supposed to be summer, but people are saying it’s snowing! Why????? Fuck you snow. Here’s my picks from the world of Drum and Bass for this month. First of all I’ve got a release which somehow got lost in my pile and was supposed to be in the column last month. Luckily I found it. It’s the Dead Man’s Chest EP which recently dropped on one of my favourite labels Ingredients. This one is full of little bits of the old school reworked with the modern day and its vibes. Check it.

Digital has just released his tremendous new album, Synthesis, which features collaborations with some great names like Spirit, Om Unit, Nomine and Resound. You definitely don’t want to miss this album. What’s more he travelled to collab with everyone on the album, which in this fucked up internet age shows real effort and dedication.

Another LP and this ones from Syncopix. He’s just released his LP on his own label and marks a return to the scene for him. My favourite is sizzling hot. It’s Groooovyyy.

This might just be my absolute single of the year so far. Could not stop singing it for about 3 weeks.

This new EP by Mella Dee isn’t Drum and Bass but its still heavyweight. It’s good for you to try out some good tempos anyway.

The new Seba EP on Soul:R is also highly recommended. If you’re not familiar with the Swedish bad man then you need to get caught up.

Commix’s new fire on Metalheadz is also a necessary listen. This one does not fail to make my face hurt.

If you’re into your Manchester rappers this new EP just dropped from Sangy for free download. So you would be a div to not cop it.

Finally! I’m giving away a free poster which you can get from my label’s website. AND there’s a new shack out podcast if you would like to hear more music picked by me. :D

Shack Out #22

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