We’re only a couple of weeks into 2015 and the world of Drum and Bass is already hotting up. Diffrent Music head honcho, Dexta, made his debut on Silent Dust’s None60 imprint with a grime influenced piece of goodness called Mukky Riddim, courtesy of his forays into synth hardware. Check it out below. Silent Dust’s label continues to carve an esoteric groove for itself and with another album from them rumoured to be on the cards in 2015 you’d be forgiven for getting excited.

Dub Phizix follows up his dramatic end to 2015, Buffalo, with another remix. This time he’s reworked Breach’s remix of the recent Kelis single, Rumble. The original Kelis tune is worth a listen before I go any further, but Dub Phizix’s remix is more than worth a listen. I swear there’s a hidden message hidden in there.

The next release comes from a former Berlin resident and all round good guy, FD. He’s traded in some of his traditional darkness for a bit more funk and brought the heat to Spearhead with Change Please and Into You. My pick has to be the A side: Stick it on.

Commercial Suicide boss, Klute, is celebrating his 20th year in the drum and bass game this year and he’s decided to put the graft in when it comes to releasing music. He’s planned a whole host of singles out and the first one drops this month on his own label. Interesting sounds and proof that veteran guys are making great tunes even with 20 years under their belts.

Utopia Music have also made their presence felt early on in the year with a new single by Villem, Mcleod and Mako. More than worth a listen.

Editor: mernywernz

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