Autumn time is here and although the year is coming to a close this could be the busiest time for releases. Here’s just a small selection of some of the sick stuff coming out right now.

Icicle – Problem ft Skittles
Just featured this big tune in the last post. Everyone loves a bit of the dutchman’s powerful dnb and this time he’s teamed up with Skittles for the educational track, Problem. Listen carefully.

Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack
This one dropped the first day back from Sun and Bass and what a tremendous single to welcome you back into the world. Tape Pack is filled with all sorts of old school references and will probably have you rummaging in your garage like this poor sod.

Survey – Object Relations EP – Protect Audio
Fresh back from their release on Noisia’s label, Invisible; Survey have just deployed a brand new EP on Protect Audio. It’s nice to see them return to their beginnings with some more music on Protect Audio. Highlights on there have to be Collapse and Inhale. Boom.

Total Science ft Grimm – So Addicted – Warm Comms
Warm Comms welcomes back everyone’s favourite duo, Total Science with a new tune by them featuring Grimm and a remix of Villem and Mcleod on the flip. Check it out. They’re both great.

Chimpo – Out An bad EP – Exit Records
His Exit Records debut to go in the shelf alongside his Soul:R ep. Chimpo brings his multi talented dangerousness to this new EP, which features him on the mic as well as making the beats.video is sick as well.

Editor: mernywernz

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