It’s sweaty, humid and stormy in Berlin this week. A lot like my latest selection of records. This month the records just picked themselves. First up I was late to find out about the brand new “Loving Touch EP” by Fracture. It landed in my inbox the day I got back from Fusion Festival and has been on repeat since then. You just can’t fuck with the enormous reese. Exit & Soul:R are both super on it at the moment. Quietly bringing some heavyweight music to the table.

Tokyo Prose has been working away on his album for the last few months and the resulting pouch of tunes is ready to descend on the world next month. For now though, all we have to keep us going is the vinyl sampler featuring the vocal vibes of Riya. If this single is anything to go by the album is going to be tremendous. Just in time for Sun and Bass as well.

The anonymous music outlet that is Blind Music marks its third month in the game with its third release. EP.3 flips the sound on its head again with an influx of dancehall, jungle vibes. Highlight of the EP is difficult to pick, but it has to go to #9.

Final record for this month is the “Outta Endz VIP” by Dom and Roland on Metalheadz. It’s just heavy heavy business. Enjoy!

Editor: mernywernz

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