Things got on top of me last month, so this time around it’s a jumbo Drum and Bass Bonanza. All my favourite releases from April and May- The leaves are back on the trains and I’m back to my adopted home of Berlin.

Beginning with the oldest tracks first, Stevie Hyper D’s second commemorative album was released on Dance Concept at the start of April. A whole host of producers paid their respects, in song form, to the fallen junglist, Stevie Hyper D. Unfortunately Hyper D was struck down by a blood clot at the end of his 90’s in a turn of events not unlike the recent death of DJ Rashad. The album entitled “Generation Hyper” is quite extensive, but personal highlights for me are Heist and Congo Natty’s offerings.

A new find for me this month comes from the Serbian producer, Rahmanee. The Stopper came out on German label Breaks Per Minute Records and certainly stopped me in my tracks. The mid range noises in the middle put me off slightly, but you can’t deny this tune is heavy.

Quentin Hiatus kicked off his April with the release of his new album. The “It’s Only” EP is nothing short of insane. There’s a lot of noises, vocals, pops and whatever else you can think of. It took me some time to digest, but now I’ve come out the other side I have to say I like it. It sits nicely in my iTunes alongside Sinistarr and Silent Dust’s recent releases.

A brand new label took flight this month in the form of Blind Music. A self described label experiment, which aims to strip everything back to the basics. All the releases are anonymous leaving you the listener free to decide blindly on wether or not you like the music with your ears and not based on loads of other information. I like the concept and I like the first EP. #1 has to be my favourite.

Digital is a name that pretty much any drum and bass head has heard over and over again. Deadline is one of those tunes, which you have to know about and it’s still a classic. He makes a return to drum and bass in May with not one, but two releases. The first one Shaka Zulu / Archive is out now on Ingredients and the second is dropping soon on Horizons.

Metalheadz really is back and on fire. The Platinum Breakz 4 compilation dropped at the end of april and the track list really is a who’s who of ones to be watching right now. Every single one of those producers has brought some heavyweight drum and bass to the record shops in the last year and a half. Personal favourite on this one hase to be War Horse by Artificial Intelligence ft DRS.

And finally, last but not least it’s another new label. Horrific Recordings, founded by london based painter, James Jessop, is a vinyl only crusade founded by an absolute vinyl junkie. The first release came out a couple of months ago and featured 2 tracks from dramatic and dbaudio. The second is out imminently and features a little known artist called Ego Scene. The releases AA side, Hold On, is an absolute summer belter and definitely a worthwhile addition to any vinyl fan’s box.

That’s it from me until June. I’m sure there will be some more drum and bass knocking around by then.

Editor: mernywernz

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