DJ Vadim is the man for Reggae, Soul and real Hip Hop! His first LP “U.S.S.R. Repertoire” is a milestone and still a big influence for me. Since the release in 1996 the globetrotter changed his musical style a lot of times but you can always hear his trademark on the decks and knobs.
His new Album “Dubcatcher” is like a journey into the good old Rub a Dub / Raggamuffin days with multi colored covers, heavy bass riddims, good lyrics and wicked intros where you buy the Album just to sample the intros. Sixteen songs with Jamaican/British vocalists – and i´ll promise you´ll definitely love most of them. “If Life Was a Thing” ft Demolition Man is a lyric i love for more than a decade and i am more than happy to play this song out from now until i die.

Catch it now!

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