You can´t find this amount of deep vibes, breathtaking venues and special selection of artists anywhere else. Just go through the line up, and if you have a minute read the text that our editor Jimmy Blitz aka MC Kemo wrote some years ago.

Sun and Bass – Family ting!

“We live in a small world. And in these hectic times the world is just getting smaller by the minute. Our cities are filled with second and third generation immigrants that jump at any opportunity to move around the globe. Unfortunately, these modern times also give rise to a lot of single parent households. Many children find it hard to find themselves amidst all of the different influences. My generation seems to have lost its roots. Many people that I meet are living location independent lifestyles. I often get asked where I feel at home because of my diverse and international background. Hawaii, New York, Dusseldorf and the Eiffel region all shaped me and have a place in my heart, but I only feel truly at home when I feel inner peace, regardless of my location. I need peace and warmth – ideally from the sun, and tranquility – ideally by the ocean. And if I can add friends, great music, good food and maybe even a lovely lady, then I truly am in heaven. My generation seems to seek an extended family connection in their peers. Hawaiians refer to this as Ohana.
The SUNANDBASS festival offers stunning beaches and AMAZING music. But moreover, there is a family vibe amongst the punters, crew and artists in which all are equal and all are loved – enjoying the peace, warmth and feeling of being at home. I could tell you how I danced to sets by D:Bridge and SP:MC and Randall b2b Doc Scott with Lowqui and Stamina, skanking, grinding and bouncing. How heavy my drenched clothing was weighing on my sweat covered body as I rocked the mic and flowed through shadows of limbs and laser beams. I could describe how the crowd and I were one like in the “Matrix” movie dance scene, where music, love, revolution, sex and freedom are all one. I could tell you how my heart sang that night, how my body trembled in ecstasy in the moonlight and how my soul was eternal and free. I could tell you about the awesome “Bal Harbor” location in which several live sets blew my mind. I could describe how the live band Sci-Clone cast a smile on everyones face. I could write about wonderful times with amazing people. I could tell stories of friendship and of love. But some moments can not be captured by cameras or relived in story. Some experiences just are. Forever. And SUNANDBASS is forever my home.”

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