This is the first time that we only feature Drum and Bass in our Sound Bonanza. I was searching for more than ten hours the last seven days for some tasty nuggets with less than 170 bpm, but i couldn´t find some.

Here we go with some hype DnB music for the summer!

Voltage is on fire. Here is one new track i like much.

Wait for the “Wah do Dem” Remix with Nicky Blackmarket – maaaaaaad!

Phibes is a multi genre DJ/Producer duo from the UK. They do remixes of very catchy and famous songs… Free download every time – check their website.

One month ago Annix delivered this beast for free! BOOOM!

Technique Recordings are releasing their “Summer LP” on 2 June, and it has a wapping 51 tracks with some great artists. Check Tantrum Desire´s “Gravitate”.

I am not a fan of cheesy, pop radio vocals. But the Technimatic Remix of Moby´s “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” is far away from stinkin cheese.

Deep & lovely!

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