I enjoy a tropical summer in Europe. Most of the tunes i liked the last time are Cumbia or Juke in one way or another.

The Mexican Institute Of Sound released their groundbreaking and political Album “Politico” two years ago. I still love most tunes.

The Schwiezer Man El Gayo Negro also realeased his Nu Cumbia Version of “Cumbia Lorana” two years ago. Go online and find the original, then you´ll find your love for Cumbia!

Sonora released one single from his upcoming Mixtape.

My last post was about this Album – still #1!


And if you want to learn something about Reggae music listen to daddy Rodigan. He still can´t mix but there is no need for it when you can tell so much interesting storys. If you are interested in music history and you want to learn more about the new school you should check more of the detailed interviews done during the RBMA.

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