Many big balling action around the world everytime. Miami was the melting point of big balling musicians the last week. Sometimes you need to go hard. I dig deeper this time.

Thornato did this remix a few days after Nelson Mandala died back in December. This is real bigness – roar!

Machinedrum knows how to handle Jungle and Juke. DJ Paypal did a intensive Remix of Center Your Love. I love this!

Hectic and full of mysterious ways to dance is the Clap Clap Remix of Mop Mop´s Let I Go.


Do you want to hear some funky and more clean Burial kind of stuff. Here we go with a new team: Ovadope out on Soulforce Records. You´ll find a feature about Ovadope on this blog soon!

Clap Freckles came around with this Funk vs Tribal monster snippet. Please send me the finished version,…fast! Thanks.

I allready featured a tune from Chuck Upbeat´s Baile Folk Girls EP. Like i said his production level got better and better. Download this VIP for free and check the other Remixes.

“…In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful,…” (Charlie Chaplin).

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