It´s getting cold in Germany, that´s why i have to heat up with some hot music!

DJ Vadim did a Remix of Jago´s first solo track The Wicked Try. If you like bubbling Hip Hop / Dancehall check out this new label Hundredyears.

The great Damian Marley produced a new track with Wayne Marshall and Agent Sasco – you can download the Acapella for free!

Let´s speed it up with Kuenta i Tambu – the Amsterdam based Group released a new Album with modern world music for the dancefloor. La Señora is my favorite, the hectic African Beat and the impulsive vocals are big fun.

Tropkillaz are one of my favorite producers atm. You can download most tunes blind, they will work for Trap, Tropical, Moombah and any kind of Fusionsets – i would love to have a little less compression and more dynamics in the future.

Twerk n Jerk!

Don´t stop to shake it.

This time i did not find one mix that interested me – my fault. Have a nice week!

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