So many big Tunes and Mixes the last ten days – go and buy yourself a new hard disk.

Let´s start with some fresh Zouk Bass by Castro out on Enchufada for free – i love this flute. Crooked and sexy from bottom to the top.

Dr Evil aka Leftside teamed up with Mad Decent for some Monkey Biznizz.

This dirty old animal morphed Dengue Dengue Dengue´s “Simiolo” into a Crazy-Machu-Pichu-Cumbia-Gully-Monster.

Kush, Havana and other close friends – The Mine remixed one of the biggest Favela Trap tunes Mulherada. Watch out for Comrade´s upcoming EP on XÃO Productions featuring this Chuuuune!

Comrade is busy atm – he also just did a Favela Twerk Remix of Vini´s “Vai” for MAN Recordings.

Old to New: “Get Ready” VIP by the original Jungle Soldiers Congo Natty. I feel more and more that Jungle is back on the floor. If you also dig all the fresh Juke DnB and the new Manchester stuff you know that Drum and Bass is fitter than fit!

Hamburg´s finest So Shifty did a large Remix for Gentleman’s single “Heart of Rub-A-Dub”.

I like it when different styles come together. Mad Max Million mashed up some Zouk Bass tracks with classic Dancehall Hits for a Mini Mix.

Same thing here – TWERK vs DANCEHALL – but with tons of Dubs.

Thirty minutes in the unique world of Schlachthofbronx.

For the end of this Bonanza lay back and enjoy the sweet Reggae Sounds served by Daddy Vadim.

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