Shlohmo‘s doing it again. His mindblowing, moody R’n’B refixes always hit a certain spot.

After her overwhelming “Quarantine” LP on Hyperdub and this extremly gorgeous “Live, work and sleep in collapsing space” Remix for Kuedo she did earlier this year, i’ve been craving for more material by Laurel Halo – so here it is, and it’s FREE.

Yepp, there it is: more Amit Dubstep. And it’s nothing less than i expected. It’s deep, it’s mysterious and it’s got the Amit kind of touch – i’m not quite shure how to explain it, but there are HORNS in there and a lot of ass kicking!

This is what happens if you mix two of my favorite artist – pure magic. Hebden‘s blurred and all fuzzy vision of the original material is even more on spot than Falty DL‘s version already was. He has done it many times before by now, but he still impresses me everytime.

Free Darkstar stuff … do i really have to keep writing? Ok – it is exactly what you want to hear if you put on a Darkstar track – it’s forgotten childhood memories deep inside your head – it’s the broken music box from back in the days you’re still missing until today – and finally it’s some of the most delicious electronic music you can get nowadays.

Yepp, you all know it’s coming – and yes, you all know how excited i am about this. Bambounou‘s long awaited debut on 50 Weapons is about to drop next month and it will be entitled “Orbiting”. They are teasing us ….

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