Winter time is here, kids. Time to hack up the furniture to keep yourself warm in the post apocalyptic 2019 times. Here’s some new drum and bass for your face. Lather it on liberally.

Slime Recordings has long been releasing electronic music, but have only recently been taking the bold leap into the world of drum and bass. I picked out this remix from some of their output.

Dub Phizix marked the change in season with a new release on Senkasonic. White Flag with Dragnet on the flip. Showcasing some top drawer Phizix production and the second drop in Dragnet. Ooshhh.

Banzulu made a welcome return to none60 with the In Transit EP. Some lush pads and all round good vibes. I’d love to see a lot more Banzulu releases.

The new Shadows LP on Digital’s Function is carrying some heavyweight baggage. One cursory pick would be the Need For Mirrors Deadline remix. Many remixes of this tune over the years and this is a welcome addition. A lot of good stuff on this album.

The Sauce have dropped a few bangers in the last few months and this one has been getting heavy rotation from me.

This smasher on the new Microfunk release takes me back to playing Pikmin on a gamecube. Some flowery sunshine underwater vibes for your day. Very groovy.

None60 have been busy. They dropped another release a few weeks ago by Jaskin & Uneven. The Safe Edge EP is well worth getting into. Check it out

Quentin Hiatus the one man machine dropped the sixth instalment in his solo EP series, I’m Neither Quentin nor Hiatus. I’ve been playing Excuses a lot.

The new Bredren EP on 1985 music has some top bits in there. MY personal favourite has to be the track Inferno featuring T-Man.

This one’s not a release but this new Klute mix had my head nodding for the duration.

Finally a new one out of Manchester. OT Babyface on new label ECG Recordings. Check it.

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