Welcome to 2019. We’re living in the future now. Flying cars and all that shit. Bladerunner predicted everything just right. It’s been a minute since I brought you some picks so let’s see what we’ve got.

First up this cheeky scratch edit by Jon 1st of Silent Dust’s “I Refuse ft DRS” from last autumn.

Regular readers of the column will have seen more than a few releases by Defrostatica popping up here. Since I last published one there’s been two more new EP’s. First one coming from Detroit’s Filthiest

Shortly before Christmas there was a new drop from Hybris on his own label, Pseudoscience. An outlet committed to exploring the very experimental. The Not Bug EP was getting great feedback and if you missed it you should get into it now.

Melbourne’s Plasma Audio released an EP showcasing some new freshly signed talent and marking the beginning of a new series of releases which will aim to bring through the next generation of Plasma artists and show off the diversity of Plasma Audio’s sound. Spectrum Vol.1 is out now. . .

Dushi’s Love & Happiness was a stand out track for Urban Wildlife last year so they decided to release an EP of remixes to give the track some new moods.

Silent Dust snapped up a couple of tracks by Jaskin & Uneven which touched down on none60 in December. Both well worth exploring.

As ever, Manchester has been busy as well with a new label headed up by the one and only DRS. Space Cadet volume 1 was released shortly before Christmas and has been ripping up the internet ever since. Check it out.

Last one for this month comes from Levelz with this soulful little number they just dropped before Xmas.


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