It’s that time of the month again. I’m sat in rainy, windy Yorkshire going through some picks I found on the internet in the last month. First up is a new label project from Part2Style and Zed Bias. Part2style are one of Japan’s most prolific sound systems, who I was lucky enough to see clashing live in Tokyo a couple of years ago.

There’s a short documentary online now explaining how they came to be setting up a label with the big don Zed Bias and what kind of stuff you can expect to be coming out on there. The first track with General Levy is on the way.

Next up two new EP’s on dutch label, Tempo. Greek producer, MS DOS and Soul Intent from the UK dropped an EP each in October. There’s some nice sounds on there and they’ve been getting support from the likes of drum and bass arena and more.

I mentioned Silent Dust’s second album in last month’s column, when I showed you the sampler. Now the album is out and you can check it out here. A lot of genre purists are saying it’s not really drum and bass but I don’t give a fuck. I like it a lot.

There’s also a little Jon 1st scratch routine of Refuse featuring DRS. Check it out here. . .

Think Tonk up next with a nice dancehall infused track on V Recordings. A tasty hook and some laid back vibes. A nice one for your autumn evenings. “Roll Up A Tree” and check it out.

I’m always a fan of Defrostatica and they’ve had a big year exploring the world of juke, footwork and bass music with a string of nice releases. The latest one to hit the shelves from Detroit’s Filthiest aka DJ Nasty is well worth checking out. Lucky for you you can hear it here. . .

If you read last month you’ll also know I showed you the sampler from Kusp’s forthcoming album on Detail. It’s out now and if you’re up for an excursion that traverses the full drum and bass palette then this is one for you.

Last up for this month is this belter from Jaskin & Uneven. Tell me you can’t hear some Stranger Things.

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