I’m back with another rundown of some hot tracks that have been brought to my attention lately. There’s some drum and bass in there and some other bits. it’s always nice to branch out. You never know wha you might find.

First up Skeptical has dropped his debut album on Exit Records. It’s been in the pipeline for a very long time and I’m chuffed to bits to see it finally hitting the shelves.

Well done Skeppy!

London based website and event promoters In-Reach have added a new skill to their repertoire and founded a label arm to their operations. The first release from German dude, Acid Lab has just dropped.

I always love stuff from Sinistarr and he’s just deployed a new one on Beat Machine. Featuring a remix from Om Unit’s Philip D. Kick project.

Check it!!!

Silent Dust dropped a second single from Wagz on none60. Whiplash and Grey & Blue skies are both bringing different flavours, but flavours well worth tucking into. This one dropped a few weeks back.

This EP released by Strategy a little while ago somehow managed to slip through my drum and bass bonanza net. How, I will never know, but I’m making up for it by including it this month. Definitely one for you to get stuck into.

Last but not least I’ve got some out of genre flavours for you from some of Manchester’s top talents. Check them out.

Children Of Zeus


Black Josh


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