It’s a sad time for drum and bass, last week as Marcus Intalex, producer, DJ and owner of the Soul:R record label passed away.
This one of his recently got a reissue on Dispatch. Spin it and think of the man.

Defrostatica Records have just released their latest EP, “Rogue Styles”, featuring tracks inspired by breakdancing culture and the producers experiences of that. Including work by Sinistarr, Kabuki, Kiat and Homesick. There are some nice sounds on there.

Cid Poitier released his second EP on Translation this month. A follow up to his debut last year. “The Deep Logic EP” lives up to it’s name as you would expect a Cid Poitier release. Heavy dark and stripped.

Chimpo dropped the second release on his new label, Box ’n’ Lock, featuring Coco and Slay. The video is high grade and the sounds are top too. It’s definitely a Chimpo beat.

PRTCL’s label, Notion Audio, dropped a collab by himself and Survey earlier this month. You can check it below and you can grab it on vinyl if you like it.

Frenchman Naibu is on the remix duties in this one after Silent Dust asked him to rework some of their tunes including “My Only Option” ft Jon 1st, which came out last year.

If you read these on the regular you know I’m always bigging up Free Love Digi out of Tucson, Arizona. The “Hip Hop Will Incarnate EP” by Indifferent has got some real gems for your ears on there.

Whilst we’re over in the USA I’ll give a mention to the new release on NexGen Music by Dubstitutes. They’ve gone in with some dark jungle flavours inspired by the old days.

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