Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re already two months into 2016. Here’s some more music picks from the world of Drum and Bass.

Mikal’s long awaited album dropped on Metalheadz earlier this month (we posted it here). There’s some heavyweight stuff on there. My pick has to be this one.

US based label, NexGen Music has been going hard this month with two Drum and Bass EP’s and a Garage EP, from flagship act, Kachina. You can check out my pics below.

The new Shelflife by Calibre also just dropped featuring some real Calibre gems and well worth grabbing.

Free Love Digi continues to be a powerhouse well worth paying attention to. This month’s pick from me is this one.

The new Ivy Lab and Alix Perez EP has more than met everyone’s expectations and has all the elements you would expect from a Perez and Ivy Lab collaboration EP.

Last but not least this month an old one from the Soul:R back cat.

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