It’s July and Mernywernz has got some Drum and Bass picks all the way from rainy Yorkshire. Free Love Digi dropped an enormous “Various Artists LP“, which is well worth checking out. One of my top picks on there is the track “Homestar”, which you can checkout below. . .

Dead Man’s Chest AKA Eveson returned to Ingredients Records this month with the second instalment of his 150-160BPM 90’s inspired work. The whole EP is fire, but here’s one pick for you. . .

Utopia Music resurfaced this month as well with a brand new digital “Various Artists LP” featuring some Utopia debuts. PLK”s track “Dreamware” went straight into my box.

This one’s an old one, but a new one for me. A remix of Reso by Berlin based Doshy, who I spent a tremendous weekend with at Fusion Festival. Check out more of his stuff. It will melt your mind.

Blind Music releases it’s sixth EP with a slight change of tack. A range of tempos and vibes, and as ever it’s strictly anonymous.

Om Unit has just dropped his first solo release (see our post) on Cosmic Bridge. “Spirit Werk” is my pick so far, but it’s been a busy month.

Finally this month I’ve got the first release on my own label, Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out Music. Check it out and if you’re in Berlin on 29th of August come to the label launch party at Urban Spree. . .

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