Mernywernz is back with some more Drum and Bass delights for your ears. First up this month we’ve got two new promos from none60, Silent Dust’s label. The first of the pair comes from the Silent Dust lads themselves. They always have great song names and the name “Deku Tree” certainly stirred some nostalgia in me. Shout out to the Zelda mandem.

For the second none60 Dexta made a return to the label and followed up “Mukky Riddim” which appeared earlier in the year. “Mini rave” and “The Bunker” are dripping in old school hardcore rave vibes with a few spoonfuls of the footworky vibes thrown in as well. Both sides are belting.

If you’re after some other tracks on a similar vibe then Fixate’s new single on Exit and Fade’s new bit on Diffrent should have you feeling old school enough.

Fixate’s track, “Alive” also available on the same Exit EP is another one of my picks of the month. Get on that one.

A new single by some up and comers by the name of Goreteks also just appeared on Quentin Hiatus’ Free Love Digi label. “Secrets” is my pick for that one. Check it out below.

Berlin natives Survey have just released their Translation Recordings debut with the “Chop Chop EP”. Pick from the EP for me has to be “Chop Chop”.

Dutch label, Tempo Records are also back on the scene with two 3 track releases from dRamatic and Pennygiles respectively. “Molecular” was my first pick from the dRamatic single. “The cheeky rhodes” is too nice to ignore. For all out roller goodness I picked “Looking In ft Edit” from the Pennygiles single.

Finally for this month Symmetry have just dropped the second Symmetry sessions bundle of tunes with new stuff on there from Break, Mako, Detail and more. My favourite has to be the Break 140 dub stepper “You Don’t Know”. Reminds me of sweaty evenings at Subdub.

Before I go one last bonus video from Germany. . .

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