I’m back and I’ve sifted through a lot of releases this month to bring you my picks of the last few weeks. First up it’s HLZ on Texas label, Warm Communications. “Dying Memories” is a big one.

Whilst we’re with Warm communications they’ve been busy recently and also managed to drop an EP from new kid on the block, Chorux. “It’s all happening” makes for my top pick from the EP, but it’s a sick release. Well worth checking out.

Ukrainian geezah, Fade is back from a winter spent sunning himself in the Dominican Republic and he’s got a new EP on his own label, Discover Music. Some great stuff in there for your ears.

Two outstanding albums, which only just came out are the DRS album “Mid Mic Crisis” and Mark System’s “Final Approach”. “Bun Ya” and “Optix” make my top picks, but there’s far too many great tunes on those two to mention.

Blu Mar Ten Music have got this tremendous tune from Spirit, which just came out yesterday. Never out of my box at the moment.

Plasma Audio mark their third release with a terrific single from Fre4knc. “Chain Of Command” is my pick of the two. He’s also been busy with Amoss on a brand new single for Dispatch, which just came out. Listen to that below as well. . .

That’s it for me this month. I’ll leave you with this . . .

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