Here’s some recent picks from November and early December to warm you up for the winter all nice. Break’s admired imprint Symmetry rounds off the year with another single from the highly esteemed label owner. Listen to Temptations below. The flip is my favourite though. You’ll have to seek it out.

Eveson just popped up with another offering on Ingredients. 157BPM Jungle business on a raspberry ripple vinyl. The Dreamscapes EP has been getting featured in more magazines than you can shake a stick at and even Vice took a liking to it. Pick from me has to be Revenant.

The soon to be infamous Levelz collective also just released their first track on the world in the form of Lvl07. Featuring half of Manchester and although strictly not Drum and Bass this one comes from the same place.

Whilst we’re in Manchester you may as well bring some attention to the recent Chimpo mixtape and Dub Phizix’s triumphant return with Buffalo. Check both out below.



One of my favourite Drum and Bass producers and someone who definitely goes for quality over quantity when it comes to his releases is Seba. He’s teamed up with Paradox for a new single on Seba’s own label, Secret Operations. Liquid fans won’t be too pleased. This one is more Seba’s dark side.

I’ve said everything about Warm Comms before. The latest single on there came out at the beginning of December and features some sterling work from Spirit.

Another Manchester based collective, NB Audio released a Remix EP that recapped some of their earlier releases. The Mark XTC dnb remix of I’m Gone steals the show for me on that release. Even a few hardcore stabs make it in there.

A new talent from Croatia made his debut on German record label, BPM in November with the Noonshine EP. Showcases a balance of styles. Keen to hear more from him.

Finally Blind Music returned to the internet with their fourth EP. #11 is the A-Side and my pick. Check it out. . .

Editor: mernywernz

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