I’ve had an album frenzy over the last few weeks. People say good things come in threes and here is some A1 evidence of that. Kiwi drum and bass lord, Dose, dropped his debut album on Klute’s Commercial Suicide. He’s racked up over 50 singles in his 6 or so years in the game and his first stab at a large scale album project has come out well. “Mind The Future” is hard and in your face. “ What She Wants’ and “The Experience” make the grade as the picks of the bunch for me. Experience has a top groove to it.

Lenzman’s album is either about to hit the shops or is out there already. Who knows? Either way it’s a great piece of work. “Looking at The Stars” showcases all the facets of Lenzman that make him such a loveable producer. The album has a real “Metalheadz” sound. Huge catchy pads backed up with ragged and intense bass. “My Tearz” featuring Steo and “Move Focus” feat Dan Stezo make the top two on the album for me. Closely followed by DRS’ appearance on “Just Can’t Take”. Metalheadz are absolutely powering along at the moment.

Another album which has been dominating my listening hours, although not drum and bass, is the Fatima album on Eglo Records. A perfect summer record overflowing with live horns, amazing vocals and just absolutely sick soul vibes. I have a lot of respect for the Eglo imprint. They really are doing it properly.

I mentioned Blind Music last month as they kicked off their discography with EP.1. In the meantime they have managed to double their discography in the space of a month with the arrival of EP.2. There’s been a change in sound and EP.2 is a lot more experimental than the first one. Pick of the bunch goes to #6 for it’s bongo fury.

Ingredients have carried on the momentum from their Digital single last month with another single from Eveson and Halogenix. Grey Dawn and it’s two accompanying tracks are all absolutely tremendous. Can’t even pick one from these three.

Editor: mernywernz

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